October 19. 2019

Get Stronger and Faster Together

Training with a partner is an excellent way to get stronger and faster.

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Training with a partner is an excellent way to get stronger and faster.

Nobody likes being alone.

At least, not all of the time.

If you're struggling to stick to your training goals, are bored with your daily fitness routine, or just want someone to tell stories to while you grind out the miles, call a friend.

"I'll be there!"

It's easy to skip a workout when you're only accountable to you. But if you know that your training partner is waiting for you at the trailhead, you'll be less likely to skip out.

The accountability goes both ways. If your partner knows that you're going to be there, your partner will show up too.

"You wanna race?"

In addition to more accountability, working out with a friend can increase your competitive instincts, which can push you to work harder. Tracking each other's progress, and occasionally even racing each other, will help both of you to get better.

Having a partner that is already faster than you are is an opportunity to improve. Chasing that rabbit down the trail will make you faster, and push you to work harder than you would by yourself.

"So, about that marathon you mentioned..."

Don't just train with a friend. Talk each other into doing something really stupid. Stupid, but also really awesome. Like a marathon, triathlon, or mountain bike race.

A big event that you would never do alone seems a lot more possible and will be a lot more fun when you've got a friend suffering alongside you.

The good vibes when you both cross that finish line will be worth all the hard work that you both did to make it all happen.

"Nice work, see you tomorrow."

Working out with a friend will make your workouts better. But if you're both wondering how to be more disciplined in your training, we've got you covered. Download "7 Steps For More Disciplined Workouts" and get to work:

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