October 19. 2019

3 Great Benefits of Working Out With a Partner

Working out can be boring and tedious when you're just starting out, and more often than not, it's easy to just skip out entirely. However, if you tra...

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Working out can be boring and tedious when you're just starting out, and more often than not, it's easy to just skip out entirely. However, if you train with a partner, whether it's your significant other or just a friend, working out and exercising in general, can be an exciting adventure. Instead of just trudging through your routine, it's a race, a competition. You're suddenly pushing yourself harder because they are pushing themselves. Going to the gym can be a ritual, a habit, a necessity. Training with a partner comes with an endless list of benefits of working out, and we've listed a few just for you.

The Ritual

Having someone to train with gives you a sense of accountability. If you know your buddy is going to be there waiting on you, it's not likely you're going to let them down. All of a sudden, you can't wait to train, and you find that it's a ritual you can't live without.

The Competition

No matter what your goals are when it comes to working out, you always tend to reach them faster when you train with someone, especially if they have the same goals. Seeing your friend getting leaner or gaining muscle mass tends to have this miraculous effect; it drives you to meet your goal no matter what. Suddenly accomplishing what you set out to do doesn't seem as impossible. Instead, it's completely achievable. You find yourself pushing past plateaus and breaking through that mental block. No longer are you comfortable and complacent; you're accomplishing feats you never thought you'd achieve this week, month, or even year.

The Moves

Working out alone, you tend to repeat the same routine and motions week after week. Nine times out of ten, you won't switch it up because you've developed a habit. While some habits are good, keeping the same consistent workout routine isn't. Our bodies strive for homoeostasis, which means your body is constantly getting used to whatever you throw at it. The longer we repeat the same movements, the more likely it is that we aren't actually getting anything out of it. Having a friend by your side however, gives you the opportunity to learn new movements, change up the pace, or do a million other tiny things to switch up your routine. Constantly changing what you do keeps your body guessing so it has no choice but to adapt and change as well.


Working out doesn't have to be a drag, just grab a friend to train with you and you'll both reap the benefits. If you're new to training or just looking for some ideas to switch things up, check out Core9's eBook, 7 Steps to a More Disciplined Workout. It's packed full of ideas for everything workout related from healthy and delicious food ideas to ways to make your training sessions more beneficial.

Let us be your partner to mix it up! Core9 also has a uniquely formulated workout routine based on a combination of kickboxing, gymnastics, and military training ideas which can be as difficult or easy as you choose. For more information on interesting workouts and ways to make your training sessions benefit you, contact Core9 and get started on your fitness journey.

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